Vahana VR, the world's first Live VR Video software

Deliver first-person experiences with an Oculus Rift!

Be There. Anywhere. Now

Live VR video is now possible with Vahana VR. With a Virtual Reality headset, the best seat to enjoy a live concert or sports event can now be your sofa.

Professional video pipeline

Vahana VR is designed with professional 360 video pipelines in mind. It supports a growing range of video capture and output hardware, including Decklink SDI cards from BlackMagic Design, and HDMI capture cards from Magewell.

4K+ Ready

Vahana VR captures and delivers 2K and 4K 360 video at 30 fps in real-time with recommended configurations. It is capable of higher framerates and resolutions up to 8K  more as a custom solution.

Compatible with all VR headsets and 360 video players

Vahana VR outputs 360×180 full spherical video (aka. equirectangular format) compatible with all VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, all 360 video platforms including Youtube and Littlstar, as well as custom-made video players

Built in RTMP broadcasting

Vahana VR delivers low latency, bandwidth constrained live 36o video for a smooth and reliable broadcasting experience. RTMP broadcasting allows you to stream videos directly to your media server of choice, using an internet connection. The media server, typically a CDN solution, then takes care of distributing the videos optimized for the various viewing platforms.

Featured among Top   101 companies in Streaming Media

VideoStitch has been picked as being one of the top 101 companies changing the landscape of streaming market by Streaming Media Europe in 2015