The Phillies Opening Day – A Multi-Camera Live VR Experience with Orah 4i

Experience the Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day in an absolutely unique way: Streamed live in 360 with multiple Orah 4i cameras!


On Friday, 14th April, Greenfish, the Philadelphia Phillies and Major League Baseball presented the first of its kind 360 degree multi-camera live stream with Orah 4i. The occasion: The Phillies Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park. In total three Orah 4i cameras were placed around the stadium to capture the home-opener from different perspectives. During the live stream itself, additional graphics, picture in picture, and commentator audio were incorporated to offer Phillies fans a truly amazing experience of the pre-game ceremonies.

Fans all over the world could watch the stream live on the Phillies Facebook page, following the event from the walk-in and introduction of the players until the very first pitch. Check out the video for yourself: [click]

Please note that the image resolution for the Phillies live stream was limited to 720s by Facebook. For an example of a 4K multi-cam live stream with Orah 4i check the video of the PIAA State Championships – 6A Boys Basketball Finals also created by Greenfish: [click]