Giroptic iO: This Panoptic Optic Will Convince The Skeptics

   Giroptic is a 360 equipment manufacturer founded in San Francisco, CA, and Lille, France in 2008. The company appeared on major tech media’s radar in 2014 through its Kickstarter campaign around an allegedly “World’s First Full HD 360 Camera”, a lightbulb-shaped camera that captures 360*300 degrees, which raised 1.4 million.

By the end of 2016, Giroptic launched a mobile-friendly camera, Giroptic iO ($199), a simple plug’n’play 360 camera that supports 360 photography, videography, and livestreaming. The Android-compatible version of the camera was chosen as the giveaway to the 4000 attendees at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference this year, in resonance with Facebook’s Social VR.

How does it look?

When plugged in, the camera looks like a dewy-eyed alien perched on your phone. It’s half the weight (70g / 2.5oz) and 1/4 the size (73mm x 35mm / 2.9″ x 1.4″) of an iPhone 7.

Mainly made of aluminum alloy, it comes with a blue plastic protective sleeve. For your camera and phone to stay connected, the sleeve can’t be removed.

Having to be plugged into your phone’s charging port, you might have to take your phone case off before using it.


How does it work?

Enough lavishing on how adorable it looks, you might be most interested in knowing its shooting specs. The camera captures video in a 1920 x 960 resolution at 30 frames per second and takes pictures with a large f/1.9 aperture, which means more admittance of light and a shallower focus. Notice that its low-resolution preview can be deceptive when the actual exported footage turns out pretty sharp.

Instead of us making a laundry list of technical jargon, you can watch this unedited video to see what kind of footage Giroptic iO is capable of shooting.

For more videos made with iO, open the VeeR VR app and search for “Giroptic”.


When you connect the camera to your phone, it automatically launches the iO360 app. You only need a total of 5 minutes to get the hang of it: The app includes three modes: Photo, Video, and Live. There’s no lag between your phone and the camera; you can monitor the remaining battery on the top left or configure your camera on the bottom right of your phone screen.

Images and footage will be stored on your phone, which you can preview in either spherical view or little planet mode. You can share everything from the app straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. It even comes with an iMessage app so you can text your 360 work to your friends and family!

Worth my money?

Giroptic is your best choice if you’re looking for a feather-weight portable camera to jot down moments your life, and don’t demand too high of video quality. It’s super easy to work with, and is an affordable addition for those who want to build a killer feed on social media.

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